CSV Import that works

Dependent on the tedious or half-baked import solutions out there just to get your data into the apps you use? While other products make it too complicated, CSV Loader provides a solution that is simple and accurate, to bring your data where you need it.

Connect your app
Sign in to your CSV Loader account, and connect any app that you want to import data into.
Download your data into a CSV file. You can use CSV Loader to export data from many popular business apps.
Have your CSV ready
Select the type of data you want to import and map the fields you wish to include from the full list of options in your database.
Setup your import
Simple process to get data into your app
See the data in your app
Your data imports straight into your app, working in the background while you go about your day.
What you can do with CSV Loader
It depends on business app you use, but these should give an idea.
Set up a Parent and Child company relationship in your CRM
During your field mappings step, you can select how you wish to find and link companies together.
Add activities and tasks to your records in CRM
Imported activities and timelines can be linked to their associated contacts, companies and deals and will be shown on their respective timelines.
Import data into custom fields

All you need is to have this data in your CSV file.

Update tickets status in your Help Desk software
You can update tickets in solved status, before they are triggered to closed status.
Attach messages and notes to related tickets in your Help Desk software
If you have messages and notes in your CSV file you can attach them to their related tickets.
Add new and update existing records simultaneously
You choose how you wish to find matches in your business app database, and what you wish to do if a match is found, such as ignore or overwrite data.

Your CSV Import readiness toolkit
If you've done an import before, you know a lot can go wrong. Big or small issues, it's rarely a perfect first try. It can go a heck of a lot smoother if you have a quick checklist to go through before you hit the ground! Learn More